Leather Furniture Cleaning

Leather is a big investment, our 2-step process ensures it can be enjoyed for years

Clean Freaks Ottawa Leather Cleaning Services

Leather Furniture Cleaning Special

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Sofa, Loveseat and Chair
Only $279.95 + hst

Restrictions Apply. Deal above covers step 2 only which is what is required in most cases.

Let us safely clean and condition your fine leather furniture to give it a long and beautiful life!

Furniture manufacturers recommend that leather furniture should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to preserve its beauty and keep it looking like new. Also, if leather is not professionally cleaned and properly conditioned it will shorten the furniture’s life allowing the dried out leather to crack and/or rip and in some cases have irreversible oil stains where you rest your head on the sofa.

Step 1 - Cleaning your leather the safe way

Our experts use the Low Moisture Soil Extraction Leather Furniture Cleaning System in your home or office. Our process quickly and expertly cleans leather furniture without damaging liquid on your precious leather surfaces, just a gentle dry foam. Our dry foam is perfectly applied with soft and pliable counter rotating nylon brushes. The exclusive dry foam Leather cleaner emulsifies and holds soil for instant extraction. A polymer barrier prevents oily soil from re-depositing on the surface.

Step 2 - Conditioning & protecting fine leather furniture

A careful application of Leather conditioner & cleaner adds the ultimate finishing touch. Leather conditioner is specially formulated for smooth, finished leather furniture. It safely strengthens, preserves, and nourishes fine leather plus replaces the natural lubricants lost during normal use. Leather conditioner is completely wax-free and keeps leather soft and pliable, resistant to cracking and scuffing. This fine finishing product leaves a pleasing and lingering leather aroma and imparts a soft, rich lustre to the surface.

If it is leather no one else can safely treat and deep clean it like us!

Anything leather can be cleaned and treated by us!

Leather is a big investment, now is time to ensure the investment can be enjoyed for many years.